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Wine List

Dry Reds / $19.99


Known as the base for Chianti, this fruity Italian wine has an elegant body with an aroma of plum and smooth, rich finish. This light red wine makes a wonderful compliment with light tomato-based pastas and pizza.


Pinot Noir

This wine tends to be light to medium body with an aroma reminiscent of black cherry. Enjoy the very fruity and spicy undertones. It is surprisingly smooth, this wine ages beautifully.



This rich violet wine offers an intense plum-like flavor with a hint of smokiness.  This earthy grape is quickly becoming one of the most popular red varietals. 



Deep in color, this high tannin, full-bodied wine has a robust plum flavor and fragrant bouquet with smokey undertones.  Delivers a crisp, astringent bite when fresh, somewhat tamed by aging.


The most prestigious among dry Spanish table wines. Enjoy flavors of cloves and dark fruits with a smooth peppery finish and hints of smokiness. Serve with red meats, fowl and wild game.


Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot

This 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 50% Merlot blend is a medium bodied red, easy to drink, that can be slightly chilled. Savory fruit aromas combine blueberries with notes of cedar and pepper. This seductive wine finishes with just a hint of oak.

Cabernet Franc

This medium bodied, heavily oaked red has medium to high acidity that’s very easy to drink. Savory fruit aromas combine various berries with hints of cedar and bell pepper-like notes to create a bold flavor that we match with a velvety mouthfeel to make for a remarkable creation.

Dry Whites / $19.99

Pinot Grigio

A delicious scent of honey and herbs can be noted in this dry straw-colored wine.  This wine is heavily oaked and quite dry with a pleasingly tartness and softening hints of green melon.  The finish is clean and crisp.  Pinot Grigio is the most popular white wine in America.


Gold in the glass, this delicious unoaked wine has lush overtones of vanilla with a smooth hint of pear - all ending in a crisp cool finish.  This varietal is rich in character with a delightfully fruity nose.

Sweet Fruit Wines / $17.99

Green Apple Riesling - Pike's Peak Gold Rush

A semi-sweet Riesling. The addition of unsweetened, dehydrated green apples bring out the natural apple tones already present in the Riesling.  This wine is crisp and refreshing and tastes like a Jolly Rancher.


Peach Chardonnay - Manitou Gold 

Enjoy the lush, juicy freshness of sun-warmed peaches, with the saucy tang of our Chardonnay. Full of flavor, smooth yet satisfying, it brings a little bit of summer to every season.


Grapefruit Blush - Summit Sunset

This tangy, hot pink refreshing Rose wine offers the tart taste of fresh ruby red grapefruit with a light mild Zinfandel base. It's the least sweet of our sweet fruit wines, and definitely the staff favorite.


Strawberry White Zinfandel - Red Mountain Rose

This Rose is exploding with candied fruitiness and fresh strawberry aroma. This classically pink wine id very sweet and has hints of Red Zinfandel's greatness that run into a tangy finish bursting with strawberries.

Cranberry Shiraz - Rocky Mountain Crimson


Deliciously satisfying, the crisp tart burst of ripe red cranberry folded into the rich fullness of Shiraz is only available in the fall during the Holiday season and always a necessity at family gatherings.


 Blackberry Merlot - Rocky Mountain Onyx

The crisp, refreshing, smoothness of Merlot adds yet another dimension of delicious with the dark, tangy sweetness of fresh picked blackberries.  Rich and flavorful, it is guaranteed to please and is always a best-seller.


Black Cherry Pinot Noir - Nectar of the Gods

The natural black cherry nose of our Pinot Noir is accentuated with the addition of fresh black cherry nectar. This is a sweet red wine that contains the complexity and smoothness of Pinot Noir with the wonderful flavor of fresh sun ripened black cherries.


Raspberry Pinot Noir - Ute Chief

The refreshing smoothness of Pinot Noir wonderfully blended with the crispness of Raspberries and made with the local Manitou Spring waters. Rich and flavorful, it is guaranteed to please. It is usually served chilled with light fish or dessert.

Blueberry Cabernet - Deviant Blue

This smooth Cabernet carries the delicious and tangy tartness of fresh picked blueberries. Always a crowd favorite! Serve with cheese or as a dessert.

Dessert Wines / $29.99

Chocolate Raspberry Port - Pike’s Peak Ruby Red

A dark, sweet, and highly flavorful wine with a hint of chocolate and raspberry. This dessert-in-a-bottle is great by itself after dinner.

Wine Ice Cream

$6.99 Serving / $14.99 Pint

Strawberry Cheesecake

Sangiovese, Dark Belgium Chocolate Covered

Pretzel Pieces

Lavender Cookies & Cream

Chardonnay, Fresh Lavender & Hunks of

 Vanilla Chocolate Wafers

Small Plates

(Each Serve 2-4 People)


Cheese & Meat Plate

Assorted Domestic Cheeses & Smoked

Salami With Crackers & Grapes

Cheese Plate

Assorted Domestic Cheeses

With Crackers & Grapes

Artichoke Dip

Creamy Jalapeno Infused, Pita Chips

Hummus Plate

Pepperoncini, Almonds, Olives, Pita Chips

(Gluten-Free Crackers Available)